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CEO Message
Kodai Kawase
Photosynth inc.

What’s going on in the world today?
What do people, companies, and society need?
And what can Photosynth do to help?

These are the questions we ask ourselves. And, frankly, there’s a lot going on – from grappling with the challenges of declining birthrates and aging populations to the opportunities presented by diverse new ways of working; from essential regional revitalization efforts to pressing climate change and other environmental issues. We are looking for solutions to address and resolve these and other issues through an approach rooted in the Social Development Goals (SDGs) and guided by Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles.

I’m firmly convinced that Photosynth’s pioneering Hardware Enabled Software as a Service – or HESaaS – business model will demonstrate even greater value in this new era because it resolves a variety of social issues through the combination of hardware that powers the real world and software that can be upgraded to meet constantly evolving needs and challenges.

Photosynth started with smart locks and security, and is now working to create a keyless society based on our proprietary access authentication platform, Akerun Access Intelligence. Our goal is to realize a world where all spaces, things and experiences are connected seamlessly and simply.

In this world created by Photosynth, technologies such as authentication, security and MaaS will liberate people from physical boundaries, allowing them greater freedom to act while connecting the world. Our vision is for safer and more secure social infrastructure, work styles optimized for each individual, economic activities stimulated by the accelerated flow of people, and more efficient consumption of the energy used for the movement of people. We intend to create a smarter and better future by addressing and resolving such issues and creating impressive experiences for people.

Photosynth, an IoT company from Japan and a beneficiary of renowned Japanese manufacturing traditions, believes that it can provide the kind of world-class services and value that can only be achieved through the combination of Japanese “monozukuri” know-how and cutting-edge software technology.

At Photosynth we are harnessing the potential of IoT and technology to evolve the world with impressive experiences.